The Flying Lizards - Flicker

"In 1978, Flying Lizards mastermind David Cunningham (producer of This Heat, amongst many others) received a mono master tape cut by legendary Jamaican producer Jah Lloyd (with a top notch, although anonymous band) for Virgin's reggae division Frontline (U-Brown, Burning Spear, LKJ). Told to do whatever he wanted to with it, and with great sympathy towards the material, Cunningham proceeded to conjure every trick he could come up with to rework the rhythm tracks. And it's to his credit that a record that has as many sounds happening in any given song as this doesn't come off sounding cluttered or kitschy. The explanation for that could possibly be because of Cunningham's interest in the music of Philip Glass, Terry Riley, et al. Secret Dub Life... is most likely one of the first (if not only) dub records ever made with post-minimal strategies. He throws in loops, strips rhythms, and adds effects (in pre-sampler days) to create a dub masterpiece that holds its own against those giants of the genre Lee Perry and King Tubby. Awesome."
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