Dub techno can really really rock my world sometimes

Resoe - The Black Void Of Space...Podcast009 by Resoe/Baum Records

because if you've ever been a rave kid and done a ton of e in your youth you know that this kind of music isnt just about melodies and hooks and shit but atmosphere and texture and thickness and loosing notion of time. There is a point in the night when music becomes a physical object that you are not dancing to, but with. And when you used to reach that moment of utter abandonment it was usually way late in the night and the music got classy and more experimental. And when you recovered you had just shared the most beautiful moment in your life with complete strangers with whom you had a secret. by that time it was 11am at the batofar and time for that endless walk home with my silenced friends.

And even though i've been a very good boy this last year and half, listening to a long Dj set like this can get me high as hell. My body still reacts to this music in an absolutely viceral way.