projecting fake memories onto real ones

I apparently have this tendency to invent memories for myself, or even better, invent memories of other people's lives that then become part of who they are.. They are a bit of a running joke in my family.. I for exemple had this idea that somehow my mother had studied for a year to be a nurse before meeting my father and leaving home to be with him.
This was completely made up. I clearly remember her telling me this though.
and i still have a doubt as to if she actually said just to mess with me or i made this up myself.
Anyhow, the list runs long apparently and even if i cant remember them all just right now, i think i am touching this with this new twist i am doing with my projector.

I was walking around my parents place in the dark with my projector trying to figure out nice angles to make cool images when i accidentaly projected my own fake safari memories taken at the museum on their real african memorabilia.

i think i'm on to something. The first pics above are just a rough try, its i'll come back to it soon.

but i love how this makes sense. Also, even if the pics dont show this so much. Its gorgeous to witness. As an experience, seeing these fake lions images come over the ostrich eggs and the porkupine spikes and the painting was just beautiful and moving.