Portraits of my classmates

Decided to shoot my classmates individually the other night while they were all busying themselves on three separate sets. i wanted to forget for a minute about technical problematics and focus on the interaction between us and trying to get something geniuine out of my models.

Fabrizio is the class technician He was very concerned that his eyes be in good focus. So... just to piss him off a bit and because i love this portrait of him the most. This one was chosen blurry. i can stare at it for a while without getting tired. my eyes just gaze on it. I decided last week this was a very good sign for any picture.
Meltem's picture is one the best portraits too. i like how relaxed she looks on here.
Giustiniano, our man from the south, the freak shadow works well with him. He is a clown normally so it was nice to capture him just being unselfconscious and serious. It-s like he's not there in a way.

Mattia got a defective lighting that i ended up keeping.
He's shy when he's not showing off. I can relate to that.
One of the strongest characters in the class. Lara is an amazing lady with a great sense of humor and of self. I love that just her eyes are in focus here. I love that it's a Moment image, stolen before she even had time to compose herself.
Silvia, admitting that she doesnt have a boyfriend. We are ashamed of the silliest things sometimes arent we.
Carolina is another of my favourite characters in class, discret but strong and funny.. i was making fun of her pouting her lips at the camera so she became a blowfish.

I would never have done this
at the beginning of the year
i would have refrained, for lack of esthetics, of attitude, and what not.
but i have to admit this exercise was very pleasureable
and i find these pictures beautiful
they made me smile and laugh when i went through them again