I have been thinking about these image feeds we look at and how fast we go through images.
Tring to find a solution to it.
However exciting it is, the accumulation that happens online every day, the sensless collecting of images, it seems to create a form of amnesia in me, i see, store and forget.
I go through my tumblr archives with almost the same pleasure i go through tumblr, everything is new to me, only slightly bettered by the fact that it has been curtailed to my tastes by me and then forgotten.
The images themselves seem to reflect this. Pretty and depthless.

How do i make this blog more interesting and meaningful than all the things i go through, for anyone reading it.

As i myself stare at countless images each day, be it on tumblr, facebook or on all the photography blogs i follow. It seems there is a limit to this pop culture right now of collecting images like there is no tomorrow.

I realized this morning the solution is words.
Words are what make us stay with images and connect with them more.
Words have that power to create proximity.
There will be more words now.

Each image will be explained. And put in perspective.
Every frame put up will have to survive that explication; and i imagine many will become irrelevant as i start writing and realize they do not make the cut.

Imagining this i realize it will probably better the quality of what i am doing and force me to put more effort into my work as projects will need more explaining, shedding light on whatever issues it may have that i have not yet thought about.